Play Music On The Porch Day 2020

August 29th 2020 was the annual international Play Music On The Porch Day, and while my porch was too windy for music, I livestreamed a half hour concert from my living room with G-Chubb. It was a snappy little set, including new song Smithereens, and the first ever performance of Caffeine with a full backing track.


Posted by Rainie Zenith on Friday, 28 August 2020

I won a prize for a limerick

At the height of COVID-19 restrictions, short story magazine On The Premises held a contest. The challenge: to write a limerick reflecting on one’s own experience of the times. Out of 377 entries, 10 winners were chosen, and one of them was me :-). Here’s my entry:

I was feeling quite sick with frustration
At this lengthy enforced hibernation
But an hour of stillness
Cured me of my illness
I’m so glad I tried meditation!

You can read the other winning entries at the On The Premises website.

Live music in the time of social distancing

G-Chubb and I played to an extra small but extra special audience last night. Under the current social distancing restrictions, you may be asking HOW?!? We did a full amp set up on the front porch. We didn’t tell anyone we were going to do it. As our music echoed through the urban landscape, our neighbours emerged from their houses and stood in their driveways to listen. We could hear claps and cheers from all the way up the street. Some people circled past on bikes a few times with grins on their faces. We played for an hour and when we began to pack down the people opposite shouted for an encore. We obliged. Their little girl called out ‘thank-you’ repeatedly. We waved at each other. Live music is still here and still bringing people joy without breaking any social distancing rules! Are you a musician who has done something similar? I’d love to hear about it.

Melbourne Ukulele Festival

Ah yes, it’s that one day of the year when High St Northcote is overrun by a gaggle of eccentric ukulele players. If you have any kind of interest in ukuleles and you missed it, I highly recommend getting yourself there next year.

I gave the acoustic an outing at Bar 303 then jumped back on the electric at the Chalice forecourt. Ukuleles are fun!

How to support artists without spending a cent

I went to a concert the other night and the opening act was absolutely fabulous (it was Mani Blü if you’re interested) and afterwards I took the time to write a little comment on their Instagram about how great I thought they were.
“Truly means the world” they responded, and they’re right: if you’re in a position to financially support an artist then that is REALLY FANTABULOUS ❤️❤️❤️, but if not, there are still so many things you can do that are FREE and EASY for you, but will mean SO, SO MUCH to the artist. Starting with such simple things as:

1. Like their Facebook page
2. Follow their Instagram feed
3. Subscribe to their YouTube channel
4. Share their work with others

In the words of Mani Blü, it TRULY MEANS THE WORLD. So go out and like/follow/subscribe to your fave artists and then share away!

Double Drabble!

Do you know what a drabble is? It’s a short story that is exactly 100 words long – no more, no less. I’ve got two of them coming up for publication soon. The first is “A Dryad Can Have But One Love” in Earth of Oblivion, a collection of stories around the theme of earth elementals. The second, “Indomitable”, will appear in a very special bushfire charity anthology Burning Dreams. Both books are from Fantasia Divinity, with Burning Dreams due in March and Earth of Oblivion scheduled for an April release.

G’day Amanda :-)

Couldn’t believe my luck to be selected as one of 20 artists to participate in a workshop with the one and only Amanda Palmer yesterday! What a valuable experience to spend some intimate time with Amanda and a room full of other inspiring artists. Sharing stories, forming friendships, learning, laughing, crying… wonderful stuff.

That’s me at the front with my head kinda in Amanda’s lap 😉