– “Ernie” was the winner of the 2020 Monash WordFest Short Story Competition. Read it here.


– “A Dryad Can Have But One Love” in the anthology Earth of Oblivion, book #4 in Fantasia Divinity’s Elemental Drabbles series. Due for publication early 2021.

– “The Smell of Purple” in Aromatica Poetica, 7th January 2021. Read the story here.

– Untitled poem in The 2020 Poetry Marathon Anthology, published December 2020. Available here.

– “Cemetery” and “The House At 13 Payne Street” in the anthology Halloween Frights & Autumn Delights, published October 2020. Available on Amazon (eBook only).

– “Indomitable” in the anthology Burning Dreams, an Australian bushfire charity effort published June 2020. Available on Amazon.

– “Fairy Dust” in the microfiction anthology Wishes, published by Tidbits One Page Stories October 2019. Available on Amazon.

– “The Great White Handkerchief” in the anthology Tales From The Fluffy Bunny, published by WolfSinger Publications April 2018. Available on Amazon.

– “Witch Hazel” in the anthology Autumn’s Harvest, published by Fantasia Divinity February 2018. Available on Amazon or direct from the publisher Fantasia Divinity.

– “The Hoarder” in the anthology Tales of Blood and Squalor, published by Dark Cloud Press November 2017. Available on Amazon or direct from the publisher Dark Cloud Press.