Coming soon:

“Cemetery” and “The House At 13 Payne Street” in the anthology Halloween Frights & Autumn Delights, due for publication by Fantasia Divinity in November 2020.

“A Dryad Can Have But One Love” in the anthology Earth of Oblivion, book #4 in Fantasia Divinity’s Elemental Drabbles series. Due for publication October 2020.

Latest publications:

“Indomitable” in the anthology Burning Dreams, an Australian bushfire charity effort published June 2020. Available on Amazon.

“Fairy Dust” in the microfiction anthology Wishes, published by Tidbits One Page Stories October 2019. Available on Amazon.

“The Great White Handkerchief” in the anthology Tales From The Fluffy Bunny, published by WolfSinger Publications April 2018. Available on Amazon.

“Witch Hazel” in the anthology Autumn’s Harvest, published by Fantasia Divinity February 2018. Available on Amazon or direct from the publisher Fantasia Divinity.

“The Hoarder” in the anthology Tales of Blood and Squalor, published by Dark Cloud Press November 2017. Available on Amazon or direct from the publisher Dark Cloud Press.