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Melbourne-based artist creating colourful indie pop music and mind-bending gothic fiction.

There's an intriguing absurdity about Rainie Zenith, as though she's momentarily stepped away from the Mad Hatter's tea party and is due back in Wonderland any minute now.  

She's never minded being the odd one out – after all, our differences are what make us interesting. But that doesn't mean it's always been easy: non-traditional life choices and unconventional habits are often met with disapproval from those who don't dream big.  

Fortunately, it hasn't stopped this sprite-sized ball of energy from beating an authentic path through the prickles of judgement, paving the way for every single reader and listener to embrace their true selves and shine their own unique light on the world.

Rainie's head may be in the clouds, but her writing is grounded in all-too-real experiences, such as coming of age in an image-obsessed society. Her work straddles the gap between everyday life and the fantasy world.

what's the latest?

  • New track PUSHING THIRTY out now!

  • Pushing Thirty music video also out now!

  •  Psychedelic horror novel on track for completion end of 2023

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